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Château du Galoupet produces rosé (70%), red (20%) and white (10%) wines. The Cru Classé range consists of a single great wine per colour. This prestigious trio is a perfect illustration of Château du Galoupet’s search for excellence. In the land of rosés, Château du Galoupet also makes a collector’s rosé: Tibur.



Cru Classé
This is mainly obtained by blending three grape varieties: Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah. The first adds fruit and finesse, the second fullness and strength and the third structure and a special cachet. All three are grown on the estate’s stony hillsides and harvested at ideal maturity, at night to avoid too-high temperatures. After sorting, crushing and de-stalking, liquids and solids are left to macerate in a tank for 4 to 8 hours at a low temperature and without air contact. During this phase, the colouring matter and the aromas are released from the grape skins into the juice, which is then drained off.

After settling, this free-run juice is fermented at a controlled temperature of 16°C. The wine that is made from it is appreciated for its complex aromas and may be enjoyed with all kinds of dishes.


It is vinified separately. It is a very old southern grape variety that the Romans are thought to have brought from the Tibbli region (Asia Minor). Gradually abandoned due to its real sensitivity to disease, there are now only a few remaining plantations, all on the Var coast, where, when it is well exposed and properly vinified, it produces excellent results. At Château du Galoupet, it is grown on a well-drained, south-facing shale slope overlooking the sea. The grapes are picked in early September, vinified with great care and matured for a year on the lees before bottling. Obtained by the “saignée” method, the wine has won us a number of medals in the major wine competitions for its finesse, great character and subtle, very spicy aromas.



Cru Classé
Grape varieties that are unconventional for the region are used to make the White Cru Classé: Rolle (better known as Vermentino in Italy) and Semillon. The Rolle is used in a proportion of 80% for fruitiness, while the Semillon adds length and elegance on the palate. The grapes are picked by hand, pressed directly and vinified at a low temperature to retain all the grapes’ aromatic qualities. Barrel fermentation followed by 10 months’ maturing on the lees adds to the wine’s complexity. With its powerful bouquet and elegant character, this wine is a superb accompaniment to fish and white meat.


Cru Classé
Made with Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre grapes picked by hand from old vines, sorted and very gently crushed, the wine is vinified traditionally with a long maceration of two to three weeks. These powerful, superbly balanced wines are matured for 12 to 18 months in oak barrels selected from the most prestigious French forests.